Watching Falconry In Ohio

Falconry is a very personal relationship between a human and a hawk.   Hawks know their handlers very well and are very keen to notice “strangers” in the field.   As a result, sometimes hawk behavior will change when spectators come along on hunts, which may result in the hawk losing focus or even the desire to hunt.  As a result,  many falconers avoid having large numbers of spectators on hunts or field meets.   In addition, hunting activities are limited to the fall and winter months.    Usually the hunting involves a high level of exertion and the ability to follow the hawk over rough terrain and dense cover – special clothing must be worn to protect against brambles and exposure.   As a result of these factors, most falconers choose to hunt with other falconers, good friends, and serious prospective falconers.   Casual observation is generally not very practical.  

Occasionally  licensed falconers take part in public educational activities across Ohio.   These typically may involve slide shows, lectures, or opportunities to meet falconers and their hawks up close.    No free flying of hawks are permitted at such events.   Occasionally OFA members may agree to do presentations for school groups or organizations if travel distance is not excessive and their hawk(s) are in the proper condition.    Falconers in Ohio are not permitted to take money for presentations.  

If you have a classroom,  group or event that you think might benefit from an educational presentation then contact the OFA at and we will see if there are any OFA members in your area that might be of assistance.   Keep in mind that because of the small number of licensed falconers in Ohio that are available for educational activities, we may not be able to honor all requests.

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