Recommended Readings

There are a number of excellent books on the subject of falconry and raptor ecology.   Prospective falconers will need to become knowledgeable not only about hawk training and care, but also about the natural behavior and ecology of many raptor species.   Below is a partial list of some of the more popular books. Many of these are available in libraries and most are available for purchase from any one of a number of equipment suppliers.

North American Falconry And Hunting Hawks
Frank L. Beebe and Harold M. Webster, Hard cover, 540 Pages.

Apprenticeship Manual
California Hawking Club, Soft Bound, 41 Pages

The Compleat Falconer
Frank L. Beebe, Hard Bound, 300 Pages

Falconry & Hawking
Phillip Glasier, Hard Bound, 352 Pages

A Bond with the Wild, A Celebration of American Falconry
N.A.F.A., Hard Bound, 181 Pages

Care and Management of Captive Raptors
L. Arent & M. Martell, Spiral Bound, 179 Pages

Desert Hawking with a Little Help from my Friends
Harry McElroy, Hard Bound, 430 Pages

Hawks Of North America – Peterson Field Guide
William S. Clark and Brian Wheeler, Soft cover, 198 Pages

Understanding the Bird of Prey
Nick Fox, Hard Bound, 384 Pages

The Red-tailed Hawk – A Complete Guide To Training And Hunting North America’s Most Versatile Game Hawk
Liam McGranaghan, Soft Bound, 180 Pages

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