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The following is a partial glossary of some of the common terms used in falconry. The term "hawk" is used here to refer to falconry birds in general.

AERIE - a hawk nest.

AUSTRINGER - A falconer that trains a Shortwing or Broadwing hawk.

BAL-CHATRI - (pronounced "ball-SHOT-ree") A harmless livetrap used to capture hawks. It is a wire cage enclosing a live mouse that has attached loops that close around a hawk's toes or leg as the hawk attempts to capture the mouse. No harm is caused to either the mouse or the captured hawk.

BATE - when a hawk jumps off the falconer's glove or a perch.

BEWIT- small leather straps used to attach bells or transmitters to a hawk's leg.

BROADWING - a raptor of the genus buteo or Parabuteo.

CARRY- when a hawk tries to fly away from the falconer with it's food.

CAST - three meanings: 1) to wrap or restrain a hawk for medical or maintenance purposes, 2) when a hawk regurgitates a pellet, and 3) several hawks flown together.

COPE - filing-down a hawk's overgrown beak and/or talons to sharpness.

CREANCE - a spool of light line used to train a hawk.

ENTER - starting a hawk out on a certain type of prey.

EYASS - two meanings: 1) a young raptor on the nest and 2) a raptor acquired from a nest. (Please note that Ohio law prohibits the taking of eyasses from a nest for falconry.)

FOOT- when a hawk repeatedly grabs and squeezes prey (or the falconer's glove) with it's talons.

GAUNTLET-the heavy leather glove worn by the falconer.

GIANT HOOD- a ventilated box used to transported hawks.

HACK- two meanings: 1) the process of preparing a hawk for release to the wild and 2) the process of releasing and re-trapping a hawk to allow it to gain wild hunting skills.

HAGGARD- a wild hawk in it's second year or more of plumage (adult).

HARD-PENNED- when all of a hawks feather's have grown in. After the moult for an adult and after the downy stage for eyass.

HOOD- the leather covering placed over a hawk's head to help keep it calm and reduce stress.

IMP - repairing a broken feather with another feather from the same or a different hawk.

IMPRINT- a hawk raised by people that ceases to identify with hawks of its own species. Generallly cannot be released to the wild.

INTERMEWED- a hawk that has aged to maturity and kept through a complete moult.

JESSES- the leg straps used to hold a hawk.

LONGWING - a raptor of the Falco genus.

MAKE-IN TO- the act of approaching a hawk that has caught prey.

MANNING -the process of taming a hawk.

MANTLE- when a hawk fluffs-up its feathers and attempts to cover a kill with its wings.

MEW- the facility or building for keeping a hawk.

MOULT- the process of shedding old and growing new feathers.

MUTE - hawk droppings.

PASSAGE or PASSAGER - A wild caught hawk on migration in immature plumage.

PITCH- the altitude a falcon "waits on".

PUT OVER- when a hawk moves food from it's crop to it's stomach.

ROUSE- when a hawk fluffs and shakes its feathers.

SHORTWING -A true hawk of the accipiter genus.

SLICE- when a hawk propels its droppings out away from the nest or perch.

STOOP- a high speed dive made by a falcon toward it's prey from high altitude.

TALON - a raptor claw or toe nail.

TIERCEL- a male raptor.

WAIT-ON- when a falcon circles above a falconer waiting for game to be flushed.

YARAK- when a hawk or falcon is hungry and ready to hunt.

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