Cooper’s Hawk

immature cooper's hawk
Immature Cooper’s Hawk


Cooper’s Hawk (Accipiter cooperii)

  • Found throughout the mid-latitude U.S.
  • Adults have solid gray upperparts, barred with reddish-brown. Their long tails are barred gray and black, rounded at the ends, with a white band at the tips. Their eyes are red.
  • Immature birds resemble small Goshawks with brown above and brown streaking on their white underparts; they have yellow eyes. 
  • Sized between a Goshawk and a Sharp-shinned Hawk.
  • Commonly hunts birds around backyard bird feeders.
  • Wild-caught Cooper’s Hawks are high-strung and difficult to train; legally acquired nestlings are more trainable for falconry purposes.
  • Will take a wide variety of avian quarry including quail, dove, and pheasant.

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